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  • ASEA

    The Practical Entrepreneurship Certificate Program by Columbia Business School provides participants with an intensive, “hands-on” course focusing on the creation, evaluation and development.
  • SEVC

    SEVC exposes youth to social entrepreneurship concepts and innovation practices by guiding them through the venture creation process as applied to a venture idea of their choice.

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I have met few people who exude leadership and compassion through their quiet presence. Pape listens and questions to understand and positions people to find their own answers. He has fundamental values that guide his decision making with a focus on people over process and a value on currency beyond money. Doing the right thing and money will follow is a rare business model to have which he does like no other. The depth of his experience brings value to his understanding of how business is performed across diverse cultures. He has spent most of his life coaching and mentoring which allows him to draw from the resources and relationships of those who respect and value his work. Pape has a gentle presence but a strong entrepreneurial spirit and astute business acumen. He is a rare breed of what I think will become the new leadership model in business creation. Canada and Nova Scotia would be privileged to have him.
Cindy James, Advisor, Entrepreneur, Start-up Executive, Canada
I was very pleased with the leadership class because my son learned a lot of things he didn’t know before. It helped him to become more confident in public speaking and with singing publicly. I am very grateful and would recommend this course to young people so that they can gain more confidence.
Vincent Turbat , Consultant at World Bank
I have known Pape for over eight years, during which I have served as one of his academic advisors, career coaches and supervisors. In terms of his intellectual ability and capacity to consistently produce quality work, I would rank Pape among the top 2% of students I have known at Princeton, Harvard, Tufts and Rutgers Universities. As a former selector of MacArthur Fellows, it is his creativity and commitment to social progress for those underserved in society, which ranks him among the best candidates I have reviewed over a five year period. His sustained commitment t, and outstanding achievements in « community organizing, » reminds me of the younger Barack Obama when he completed his law degree at Harvard. The name Pape Samb will be heard long after my generation has passed.
Dr. Badi G. Foster , Ph.D Retired University Professor at Princeton, Harvard, Tufts and Rutgers.