CIEL (Children for Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership)

CIEL is a learning-by-doing training program linking education and entrepreneurship to transform traditional schools into entrepreneurship innovation-based experimental learning labs. CIEL promotes dynamic interchange of ideas, shared learning, teamwork, innovation, and greater personal accountability for achieving personal success. CIEL equips high school students (14 to 18 years old) with the practical knowledge, skills, competencies, and experience to become highly innovative, successful young entrepreneurs, and ethical leaders. CIEL is a twelve-week practical training program that places high school students at different organizations to identify and act upon an opportunity that will create value for both the organization and the community under conditions of risk and considerable uncertainty. High school students will utilize their personal characteristics, skills, attitudes, and resources to address a specific socio-economic challenge in their communities. CIEL is a series of customized, experimental, and innovative activities including on-site, off-site, and online entrepreneurship, and positive intelligence practical learning as well as one-on-one coaching and mentoring services.


Raciness Foundation, Washington D.C, USA
Albany Charter School Network, New York, USA
UNICEF, Burundi
Injaz, Morocco