GSLA (Global Social Leaderpreneurs Accelerator)

GSLA is a three-step immersion program enabling young professionals and undergraduate students to:

1. Acquire the knowledge, skills, and perspective they need to succeed through thinking and doing.
2. Make use of their new global awareness by exploiting divergence, convergence, and networks.
3. Transcend the boundaries of commerce to become global citizens, ensuring that their work serves the world in positive ways.

Through this six to twelve-week program, participants invest their skills, time, and energy to analyze complex problems and develop innovative solutions with integrity. GSLA graduates will develop a global mindset that allows them to connect with others across borders, an entrepreneurship perspective that enables them to create value through those connections, and a citizenship vision that motivates them to seek a positive contribution. This will provide them with a new outlook of the world, and open up new ways of thinking about problems and opportunities and pursuing solutions.


  • Kotaro Tamura, Japan
  • ASU School of Social Work, USA
  • ASU School Work Internship Program, USA