SEVC (Social Entrepreneurship Venture Creation) 

SEVC exposes youth to social entrepreneurship concepts and innovation practices by guiding them through the venture creation process as applied to a venture idea of their choice. SEVC is also a methodology for enterprises to connect and support the four strategic nodes in the social venture ecosystem: Emerging Social Ventures and Entrepreneurs, Social Impact Investors, Capacity Development and Support Organizations, and System Developers and Funders. SEVC is based on both discovery and experiential learning. Young entrepreneurs will go through a highly interactive twelve-week process, aimed at finding profitable solutions to socio-economic problems. SEVC provides youth with various types and levels of support and services to navigate their new ventures through turbulences, and gather the momentum needed to reach their potential. Through the SEVC process, youth are able to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their emerging social venture ecosystem, acting as multipliers for resources already dedicated to their enterprises.

by Pape Samb


CORY National Implementing Partners