Shared Value Solutions

What we offer:

Exeleadmen believes in the importance of forging strong partnerships between profit and nonprofit organizations, and public and private sector entities as a means to create shared value by leveraging their unique resources, expertise, and skills.

Our aim is to engage leading Fortune 500 companies, foundations, bilateral and multilateral institutions, community-based organizations, government agencies and educational institutions in new and heightened forms of collaborations. This is done in order to create economic value through building societal value while driving growth in the global economy.

Exeleadmen develops evaluation and monitoring systems guaranteeing organizations’ compliance with the law and ethical standards, as well as mitigating potential harm caused by their businesses.

To advocate for developing a strong youth and women entrepreneurship ecosystem, we pursue the creation of shared value, and development of self-sustainable community and youth/women-led initiatives.The aim is to forge strategic partnerships (Synergy), build on what already exists (Sustainability), and highlight and replicate what works (Success Stories).

Exeleadmen applies three value-creation strategies to entwine commercial and social value and segment and community’s challenges.

  • Low Income ($3–$5 a day, 1.4 billion people)

Providing appropriate and affordable products and services directly to consumers.

  • Subsistence ($1–$3 a day, 1.6 billion people)

Enlisting individuals and small businesses to provide efficient reach and coverage and engaging the community to coproduce value—for example, in the supply chain.

  • Extreme Poverty (Below $1 a day, 1 billion people)

Forming commercial partnerships with governments and NGOs. In addition to segmenting the population at the base of the pyramid by standard of living, we help businesses understand the role of this population in value-creation relationships as consumers, coproducers, or clients.