Training Programs

What we offer:

We develop curricula and deliver training services to youth entrepreneurs, women, students, professionals, and minority groups to grow socio-economic enterprises and community initiatives. Our curricula include innovation-based venture creation, customer development, lean start-up process, social venture strategic nodes, and shared value creation.

Exeleadmen offers training classes on small business and financial management, entrepreneurship, leadership, project management, organizational diagnosis / change, resource mobilization and shared value creation, and cross-cultural communications. The aim is to provide a myriad of entrepreneurship and leadership learning opportunities such as seminars and training modules, workshops and discussions, speaker series and talks, conferences and competitions, publications and articles.

This is done by assisting businesses in exploring and expanding in new markets, and in recruiting innovative entrepreneurs, experienced leaders, and well-prepared apprentices / interns. Furthermore, coach and mentor founders create entrepreneurial, innovation-based ventures using the lean start-up business model. Lean start-ups don’t begin with a business plan, they begin with the search for a business model. Only after quick rounds of experimentation and feedback, they reveal a model that helps lean founders focus on execution.

The aim of Exeleadmen is to expose clients and partners to entrepreneurship concepts and innovation practices by guiding them through the new venture creation process as applied to a venture idea of their choice.

Exeleadmen nurtures rising entrepreneurial talent, seed the social venture ecosystem with high potential ideas, and help maximize the collective impact of entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations. Also to connect and support the four strategic nodes in the social venture ecosystem: Impact Investors, Social Ventures, Support Organizations, and System Builders.

Through facilitating universities’ study abroad, exchange, field study, and exchange and cultural immersion programs we assist on the provision for students with internship opportunities, and facilitate placement in study abroad, exchange and summer programs as well as field studies. This is done by facilitating mid-professionals with apprenticeships, externships, and other career development activities.

Exeleadmen’s aim is to provide business ideas, market and feasibility studies, business plan development, proposal writing services to local community and faith-based organizations, and direct them towards potential financial partners.

Our Projects